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ILMA (Israeli Legal Marketing Association) is an organization which focuses on the Legal Marketing practice in Israel, a business sector which has gained recognition in the legal community, and is making its first steps in Israel.

Business Development managers are active in Israeli law firms since 2006 in various frameworks, however the practice begun to gain momentum and recognition of importance during 2008.

The economic crisis which began in 2008 brought many changes to the legal sector- many law firms reduced and laid off lawyers, and the search for new clients became much harder.

Law firms understood that they need to invest not only in the human resource factor inside the office, but also in branding, marketing and advertising the firm, or in other words- law firms have finally recognized the importance of business development.

ILMA was founded in 2009 in order to promote Legal Marketing sector in Israel, out of understanding that the people who are active in this unique and innovative market, need a professional forum for exchanging ideas and collaborating.

ILMA brings together various groups that play a role in the legal marketing sector:

  • Business development managers in law firms
  • Business development companies with special expertise in a law firms
  • Administrative managers in law firms who understand the importance of this activity
  • Senior partners and leaders of law firms
  • Various committees relating to this sector in the Israeli Bar Association

ILMA promotes the legal marketing field in several ways:

  • Promoting and maintaining of high professional standards
  • Introduction of this field and explaining it’s importance in the legal sector
  • Promotion and recognition of the field in the Israeli financial discourse and in the legal sector
  • Creating an arena for exchanging ideas and cooperation
  • Conducting professional courses and seminars in this sector
  • Conducting an annual conference in this sector

ILMA is in contact with other worldwide Legal Marketing organizations, thus constituting a professional point of access to knowledge, key professionals in this sector, related resources, and international experience and networking possibilities to leading specialists in North America and Europe. All these tremendous resources empower and enhance professionalism and will assist in future growth of the practice and its individuals.

ILMA is an open minded organization which is looking for cooperation, new ideas and entrepreneurship in the field of business development. ILMA deals with expanding and implementation of the legal marketing practice in Israel. We will be more than happy to keep in touch.

Web site: Http://www.ilma.co.il

Email Address: Admin@ilma.co.il

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